OTK5060 Oil Test Kit

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Oil Test Kit

Weight: 0.050000

Brand: Baldwin Filters

Oil Test Kit

Application: Engines, Transmissions, Hydraulics

Replaces: Titan OD1020

Dimensions: 6.1in. x 2.6in. x 2.5in.

Use with this product: Systems with Pressurized Probalyzer Ports - OTK5061 (Marine Applications) OTK5062 (Non-Marine Applications)

Package Includes: [1] 2.5 oz. Bottle with Lid, Live Sample Cap for Sample Extraction, Label for Sample Information, Ziploc, Bubble Mailer for Return (Return Postage not included)

Special notes: Purchase of kit includes testing charges. Testing includes 23 Elements, Antifreeze, Fuel Dilution, Viscosity @ 100 C, Complete Oil Condition (Soot, Oxidation, Nitration, Sulfation)

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