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OLR-15 Ol' Rusty Non-Chlorinated Penetrating Lubricant

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OLR-15 Ol' Rusty Non-Chlorinated Penetrating Lubricant is available to buy in increments of 12

Premium Quality | Disperses | Degreases | Reduces Friction

Brand: T.W. Pelton & Co.

Premium quality OL' RUSTY penetrating lubricant quickly penetrates, disperses, degreases, and reduces friction to loosen moving or fastened parts frozen by corrosion, wear, and grease or grime buildup. It is a premium pen lube with great staying power.

Works on anything that moves, slips, slides, rubs, rolls or pivots.

Works quick and it sure is slick & fast penetration.

Long lasting - Fights corrosion - Displaces moisture - 100% CFC free -VOC compliant in all states

  • Motor shafts
  • Shop tools
  • Industrial machinery
  • Marine equipment
  • Guns
  • Chain hoists
  • Sports equipment
  • Drills and saws
  • Electric motors
  • Vending machines
  • Hinges and locks
  • Roller Bearings
  • Conveyors
  • Pulleys and sheaves
  • Clamps and vises
  • Jacks and winches
  • Nuts, bolts, and screws
  • Lifts and more
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