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9SH AU Golden Sunn Hemp

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Annual Forage | Warm Season Cover Crop | 50 lb Bag

This improved variety of Sunn Hemp developed by Auburn University is an excellent choice for building up your soils. AU Golden Sunn Hemp is a warm season annual legume that in 60-75 days is typically 6-8 feet tall, will fix 120-150 units of N, and produce 4-5 tons of biomass per acre. With its rapid growth, AU Golden Sunn Hemp will smother and suppress weeds and nematodes. It is resistant to many plant parasitic nematodes including Root-Knot and Reniform nematodes. Sunn Hemp is extremely drought tolerant--several growers reporting excellent results with only 1" of rain after germination. However, it will grow better with moisture. 

AU Golden is the only commercially available variety of Sunn Hemp seed that is produced in the continental United States. AU Golden's forage is also non-toxic and can be fed to livestock and used as game food. Researchers have found Sunn Hemp to be an excellent forage crop. All other commercial sources of Sunn Hemp are imported from the tropics from unknown genetics--potentially toxic. 

Planting Tips

Seed at 15-40 lbs/acre. Broadcast and cover with ½” or soil or drill ¼” to 1” deep. Sunn Hemp can grow on poor soil with a pH from 4.5--7.5 (soil will not need liming). It will grow on sandy soil or clay so long as the clay is not tightly packed. It grows better on well-drained soil. It will not need nitrogen, but it will grow better if ample potash and phosphorous are already in or added to the soil. Ideal soil temperature of 65 degrees F is preferred, but it is possible to grow in temperatures as low as 48 degrees F. Plant any time after the last spring frost and at least 60 days before the first fall frost. Seeds are light coated and pre-inoculated. 

Other Benefits

  • The terminal/new growth leaves are around 30% protein
  • Honey bees love Sunn Hemp
  • Provides around 120 lbs of N to the soil in 60 days
  • Mines around 20 lbs of Phosphorous, 40 lbs of Calcium, 40 lbs of Magnesium, and 80 lbs of Potash from the soil
  • Adds approximately 4 tons of organic matter to the soil in 60 days
  • Features a compound called Monocrotalin--which suppresses Root-Knot and Reniform nematodes. 
  • Sunn Hemp has a soil Mycorrihizae of its own which benefits all other plants
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