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9OREC Echelon Orchard Grass

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Winter Hardy | Persistent | 50 lb Bag

Echelon Orchard Grass has good winter hardiness, tolerance to shade, and moderate tolerance to drought. It heads extremely late in the season and is one of the best fall producers on the market. Notable characteristics include persistent yield, tremendous eye appeal, erect-growing plant, and late maturity.

Echelon is effective in grazing and haying situations. It can be seeded alone or as a mixture component. For seeding, sow with a white clover. For silage, sow with a red clover or alfalfa. Given the late maturity and excellent winter hardiness, Echelon is an ideal companion with alfalfa. Inter-planting with alfalfa can be used to improve stand yield, extend longevity, and reduce the risks of winterkill - pest damage.


Plant Type: Perennial Grass

Planting dates: April-May or August-September

Soil pH: 5.8-8.2

Soil Adaptation: Well drained

Planting Depth: 1/8”—1/4”

Approximate Seeds/lb: 416,000

Seeding Rate: 10-15 lbs per acre; 2-5 lbs per acre mixed

Days to Germination: 18-22

Main Usage: hay, pasture

Height at Maturity: 24”—40”

Length of Stand: 8-10 years

Reproduces by: Seed

Pounds per Bushel: 14

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