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9OJNC50 Jerry Oats

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Grain or Forage Oat | Cover Crop Oat | 50 lb. Bag

   Jerry is a very popular tall and leafy western oat. It has wider leaves, grows taller, and yields much more than a common oat. Jerry Oats will kill off winter weeds and hold soil with a mat of vegetation. They are great for garlic beds and other vegetables. The oats remain green into November and form a mulched bed for spring planting. Jerry Oats can serve mulitple purposes--providing a great grain or forage crop, a great cover crop, or an excellent nurse crop for transitioning crops. 

   Jerry Oats provide good lodging resistance and can be mixed with peas to make a great nurse crop for alfalfa or for a fall quick-feed emergency. They freeze at 20-22 F and work as both a spring and a fall seed. For forage use, plant at 100 lb/ac (3 bu/ac). Oats will reach late boot stage in approximately 55-60 days. For use as a cover crop, plant oats at 15-50 lb/ac depending on desired thickness and mix. For nurse crop use, plant oats at 32 lb/ac (1 bu/ac). For use as a grain, plant at 64 lb/ac (2 bu/ac). 

Plant type: Annual Grain
Planting dates: March--April forage or grain; August--October cover crop or forage
Soil pH: 5.5--7.0
Soil adaption: Wide range of soils
Planting depth: 1/2"
Approximate seeds/lb: 14,000
Seeding rate: 64-996 lbs./Acre
Days to germination: 10
Main usage: Cereal grain, nurse crop, cover crop, forage crop
Height at maturity: 3'--5'
Length of stand: Annual
Reproduces by: Seed
Pounds per bushel: 32
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