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9OCHAR Charisma Oats

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Widely Adapted | Forage Oats | 50 lb. Bag

Charisma Oats have been developed specifically for forage utilization. They can be planted in the spring or fall and are a nutritious feed as silage, green chop, or hay. Charisma has greater tillering per plant resulting in more leafy foilage with broad leaves. The lush, dark leaves and improved resistance to leaf diseases make this an excellent oat for increased yield potential and increased forage production. Charisma is highly palatable and is an ideal companion crop to annual legumes like hairy vetch or field peas. If using as a grain plant at 64 lb/ac (2 bu/ac). If using for forage plant at 100 lb/AC (3 BU/AC) and expect late boot stage in 55-60 days. If using as nurse crop, plant at 32 lb/ac (1 bu/ac). If using as a cover crop plant at 15-50 lb/ac. Charisma Oats freeze at 20-22 F. 



Plant type: Annual Grain
Planting dates: March–April forage or grain production; Aug–Oct cover crop or forage
Soil pH: 5.5–7.0
Soil adaption: Wide range of soils
Planting depth: 1/2”
Approximate seeds/lb: 14,000
Seeding rate: 64–96 lbs/A
Days to germination: 10
Main usage: Cereal grain, nurse crop, cover crop, forage crop
Height at maturity:  3’–5’
Length of stand: Annual
Reproduces by: Seed
Pounds per bushel: 32



Oat Variety Relative Maturity Multiple Clipping (lbs/A) One-Time Hay (lbs/A)
Bob Short 4,451 2,989
Charisma Long 4,392 5,673
Chilocco Short 4,775 3,512
Dallas Short 4,537 3,242
Hytest Medium-Short 4,268 3,528
Jerry Short 5,045 3,287
Magnum Long 4,208 5,754
Monida Medium-Long 4,862 5,976
Nora Short 4,702 3,513
TAMO 397 Short 4,393 2,735
Troy Medium-Long 5,856 5,537
Walken Very Long 5,342 5,343
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