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9NVGB Groundbreaker Mix

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Pea & Radish Mix | Nitrogen Producer | Nitrogen Scavenger | 50 lb. Bag

Groundbreaker is a mix of Austrian winter peas and Groundhog radish. The seeding rate is 30-35 lb./acre. Keep in mind that Groundbreaker Mix needs to be drilled. Groundbreaker Mix is an excellent producer and svaenger of nutrients. It's a great cover crop to plant if your next cash crop is corn. 

Benefits of Grounbreaker Mix:

  • • Peas can produce 60-120 units of N per acre
  • • Peas will usually winterkill; if not, can easily be terminated in the spring
  • • Great for improving soil health
  • • An excellent environment for earthworms
  • • Great for busting up compaction


Groundbreaker provides great weed control. Notice the weed-infested "skip" in the plating of Groundbreaker below.
Above: Groundbreaker produces nitrogen. See the excellent pea nodulation.  Above: Deep root system for busting compaction. 



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