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9CBAL Balansa Fixation Clover

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Cool Season | Annual | 50 lb Bag

Balansa is a cool season, annual clover for those interested in a cover crop clover. Clover is known as an excellent N fixer, and the Balansa cool season clover is sure to last well into the fall season. 


  • Used as cover crop for nitrogen (N) production & weed control
  • Can be used as forage with other legumes and grasses
  • Great N fixer
  • Economical
  • Tasty and nutritous wildlife feed

Planting Tips

Plant type: Annual legume

Planting dates: April-May

Soil pH: 6.5-7.5

Soil adaptation: Moderate to well drained

Planting depth: 1/8"--1/4"

Approximate seeds/lb: 160,000

Seeding rate: 8-15 lbs/acre; 3-6 lbs/acre mixed

Days to germination: 7

Main usage: Cover crop, nurse crop, pasture, silage, wildlife

Height at maturity: 18"--30"

Length of stand: 6 months or less

Pounds per bushel: 60


Clover Properties

N Scavenger 8 / 50-100
Dry Matter 3,500-5,500
Lasting Residue 5
Erosion Control 7
Grazing Potential 10
Forage Harvest 10
Root Type Branching Taproot
Soil Builder 7
Interseeding 9
Sub Soiler 3
Nematode/Disease Control 5
Weed Control 9


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