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9AENHD Enduro 420 HD Alfalfa

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Non-GMO | High Yielding | Highly Digestible | 50 lb. Bag

Enduro 420 HD Alfalfa is a highly digestible variety that has proven to be high-yielding and gives an extended harvest range. Works great for milk or meat production. Scored a perfect 30/30 on the Diseas Resistance Index. Wainterhardiness score of 2. FD score of 4. 


  • non-GMO low lignin alfalfa for greater digestiblity
  • high yielding
  • more milk per acre
  • branching root to lessen heaving
  • expands your harvest options
  • offers longer harvest time to hold quality
  • retains forage quality up to 35 days
  • increaes harvest flexability
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