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9AATT2 Attention II StandFast Alfalfa

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Non-GMO | High Standing | Pest Resistant | 50 lb. Bag

   If you've ever had an issue with alfalfa lodging, you understand the importance of having a StandFast alfalfa variety as part of your operation! Attention II Alfalfa is a high yielding, persistent alfalfa variety that carries StandFast Alfalfa Technology traits for improved standability and fast recovery after harvest. Includes yield-loss protection (improved standability prevents lost yield), faster recovery after harvest, and improved forage quality. 

   The StandFast traits were developed through conventional breeding techniques by crossing European germplasm onto elite U.S. alfalfa varieties.  Through research and selection, varieties were advanced and finally released into the commercial market in 2002.  StandFast is a name used to classify alfalfa varieties possessing the improved standability and fast growth traits. 


• Improved Standability • Much Improved Forage Quality
• 17% Faster Recovery than Attention • Adapted to 4-5 Cut Systems
• Designed for Aggressive Management • Disease Rating (DRI) of 28/30
• Fall Dormancy Rating: 5 • Winter Hardiness Rating: 2



Fusarium Wilt Highly Resistance
Phytophthora Root Rot Resistant
Bacterial Wilt Highly Resistance
Verticillium Wilt Highly Resistance
Anthracnose Race 1 Highly Resistance
Aphanomyces Root Rot Resistant
Pea Aphid Moderately Resistant
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