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84175081 Case IH Fuel Filter

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84175081 (6 CYL) Fuel Filter

Brand: Case IH

Fuel tanks are filled with contaminants: particulate, water, wax/paraffin, microbial bacteria, fuel degradation products, asphalting, and airborne particulates. Protect your engine with the highest quality fuel filter on the market! CNH brand Fuel Filters maximize engine productivity while minimizing engine wear with adhesive filter media potting, meltblown synthetic glass fiber media, high strength shaped baffle, and a dual-filtration process. CNH brand filters are rigorously tested to avoid excess strain on the fuel system by collecting dust and debris, maintaining internal sealing with OEM fit, separating water from the fuel, ensuring a secure fit to the filter base, and providing adequate capacity for holding contaminants to the service interval.

CNH fuel filters are carefully designed to maximize filtration and engine performance by protecting the injectors. CNH fuel filters feature a dual-step filtering process with a primary suction filter for separating water and larger contaminants and a low-pressure secondary filter for smaller particles. CNH Filters are manufactured with fully tucked seams for durability, smooth doomed housing to prevent cracking, a heavy-duty inner coil spring to seal the inner grommet, contoured baffle plate, and gaskets designed to withstand the unique chemical properties of modern oil.

CNH fuel filter 84175081 fits:

Farmall models 110A (MEX), 120A (MEX), 125A (MEX), and 140A (MEX)

Case IH Maxxum models 100 Tier 3 Value, 100 Tier 3 Limited, 110 Tier 3 Pro, 110 Tier 3 Value, 110 Tier 3 Limited, 115 Tier 3 Pro, 115 Tier 3 Value, 115 Tier 3 Limited, 120 Tier 3 Pro, 125 Tier 3 Pro, 125 Tier 3 Value, 120 Tier 3 Limited, 125 Tier 3 Pro, 125 Tier 3 Value, 125 Tier 3 Limited, 130 Tier 3 Pro, 140 Tier 3 Pro, and 140 Tier 3 Limited.

Superceded by Part # 84526251

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