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47509565 Case IH Fuel Prefilter-Inline Filter

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47509565 Fuel Prefilter-Inline Filter

Brand: Case IH

Fuel pre-filters and inline filters help keep the fuel system clean before the fuel reaches the pump. Fuel tanks are filled with contaminants: particulate, water, wax/paraffin, microbial bacteria, fuel degradation products, asphalting, and airborne particulates. Protect your engine with the highest quality fuel pre-filter and inline filter on the market!

CNH fuel filter fits:

Case IH Farmall models 110A Tier 4B (MEX), 120A Tier 4B (MEX), 130A Tier 4B (MEX), and 140A Tier 4B (MEX)

Case IH Maxxum models 115 Tier 4B, 115 CVT Tier 4B, 115 Multicontroller Tractor Tier 4B, 125 Tier 4B, 125 CVT Tier 4B, 125 Multicontroller Tractor Tier 4B, 135 Tier 4B, 135 CVT Tier 4B, 135 Multicontroller Tractor Tier 4B, 145 Tier 4B, 145 CVT Tier 4B, 145 Multicontroller Tractor Tier 4B, 150 Tier 4B, and 150 Multicontroller Tractor Tier 4B

Case IG Optum CVT models 270 CVT Tier 4B and 300 CVT Tier 4B

Case IH Puma models 150 Tier 4B, 150 CVT Tier 4B, 165 Tier 4B, 165 CVT Tier 4B, 185 Tier 4B, 185 CVT Tier 4B, 200 Tier 4B, 200 CVT Tier 4B, 220 Tier 4B, 220 CVT Tier 4B, and 240 CVT Tier 4B.

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