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399-B97K Blue Kevlar V-Belt 5-8 X 100

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Blue Kevlar V-Belt 5/8 X 100
Brand: Pix

Pix Kevlar V-belt with Kevlar Cord are durable and long lasting compared to V-belts made with polyester cords.Designed to withstand heat, oil and back idler pulleys associated with outdoor power equipment.



Interchange Numbers:
B97K, 1350, 7645, 20438, 69100, 79190, 131100, 202480, 258100, 392433, 499676, 4461923, 2008B97W, 258-100, 3704J, 3X649, 5H1000, 5K100DC, 5L1000K, 7304J, 75-500, 7A170, MXV51000, MXV5-1000, PL7793, STD325000, V5L1000, PB97K, P-B97K

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