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2,000 lb. Tote Crimson Cover-All Mix

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Clover & Radish Mix | Winterhardy | 2000 lb. Tote

Crimson Cover-All is a mix of crimson clover and cover crop radish. It features an excellent winterhardiness, produces up to 140 units of N/acre within 90 days following wheat, creates an excellent earthworm environment, is easy to kill, and has a deep root system that reaches up to 21". Crimson clover is one of few clovers to have a fibrous root system, creating an earthworm "heaven" to attract and retain earthworms. Use Crimson Cover-All Mix to suck up nutrients, bust up compaction, produce nutrients, and give the soil pores for absording water.


PLANTING TIPS: Seed at 17-20 lb/acre. Sow 1/4" -- 1/2" deep. Plant in July to early September. 














• Produces Nitrogen

     • A good stand of peas can produce up to 120 pounds of N/ acre.

• Scavenges Nitrogen

     • Tests have shown cover crop radish have scavenged as much as 130 pounds of N/acre (tops and tubers combined—with manure applied).


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